Travelling through Labuan, Malaysia could be a great experience, especially if you know your way around within the island. Here are a few transportation facilities that Labuan has to offer:-


There are a lot of passenger boats within Labuan, Malaysia. Since the island is water surrounded, ferries and boats are found in abundance. You can book their tickets in advance for boat travelling. Find the correct departure terminal and just be there when the boat arrives. You have to pay a departure tax of 50 Sen. before boarding.

  • There are car ferries that go to Menumbok. The total journey is for 2 hours with a total of 3 times a day. They move towards the east dock.
  • Speedboats take a journey of about 30 minutes, faster than any other water transport on the Labuan water. They leave at 8am and operate till 4pm.
  • The shiny new terminal also has other boat services operating from there.
  • Passenger ferries connect from Labuan to KK with the following. Various travels include economy class, 1st class RM 1/36. Both operate for two hours daily for at least two times daily.
  • Express boats that move towards Limbang are priced at RM25. They operate for at least 2 hours daily.
  • The other express boat moves towards Lawas with a price of RM25. They operate for 2 hours daily that mostly operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This route takes the Sundar route.
  • Lots of various express boats go to Muara port in Brunei on a daily basis. They travel for at least an hour. The economy class costs RM27 and the first class costs RM33. They travel from 8am to 4 pm and return back from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.
  • Brunei cost would be $16 for economy class and $20 for first class. Keep updated for frequent changes that occur to the travel itineraries.
  • Extra boat and ferry services will be available on request. Booking in advance would be a good option.

Taxi & Buses

You can also choose to move around through the roads. Taxi service is the best service that can be found on the land. This is one of the better transportation facilities available not only in Labuan, but all of Malaysia. It is also the best way to travel back and forth to and from the airport. Various zones have different rates, as they usually charge a fix rate.  There is also bus service.  Check out some of the taxis that will take you around.

  • Labuan Airport
  • Labuan International Ferry Terminal
  • Ujana Kewangan
  • Labuan supermarket parking area

You can call the taxi services at 013-8838 882 or 019-8408 228, as taxi services are 24 hours a day. Ganti taxi service is also famous.

Some of the bus services are as follows:-

  • Bus No. 6 to Lajau, The Chimney, Manikar Beach Resort, etc.
  • Bus No. 5 to Bukit Kuda Homestay, Terumbu Warisan, etc.
  • Bus No. 4 to Layang-layangan Beach, Sungai Lada, Sekolah Menengah Sains Labuan, etc
  • Bus No. 3 to Labuan Hospital and Sports Complex

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