Labuan is very safe to travel in and is a very peaceful city. The residents of the city are also very friendly and nice people. Most of them jog through some of the most secluded roads of the island and never get mugged or robbed. If you are a health freak, then you can choose to do the same without any worry!


As mentioned before, the crime rate is incredibly low in Labuan in spite of some frequent arguments between some immigrants. Most of these fights happen only between themselves and there has been no instance of a tourist being attached by them. You will hardly find any police while touring the island because of the very low crime rate of the island.

Road safety

The roads remain mostly free of vehicles and you will get to drive smoothly if you choose to hire a car for touring the island. The attitude of the local drivers is carefree so you may find a car moving very slowly on the road. It may seem strange to you, but that is actually a normal occurrence at Labuan. Jaywalkers are in plenty and hardly pay any attention to what is coming towards them. Be careful while driving on the road of Labuan because of this reason. You will also find lots of children playing on the road while driving through the rural areas so you need to be very careful. Some attractions like the Anjung Ketam and the Peace Park are located in rural areas so you may need to travel to rural Labuan.


This is especially for all the single female travelers. You need to pay attention to what you are wearing while staying at Labuan.  Most Malaysians are used to seeing tourists in vests and hot pants, but it may land you in trouble at rural areas. While visiting the beaches, carry a sarong with you and wrap it around yourself as soon as you get out of the water. Malaysian women like to swim while being fully dressed along with their scarves. You are not expected to do that of course, but it is better to be aware of the local customs and traditions.

Following are a few more things to remember while travelling in Labuan

  • Do not shake hands with anybody unless you happen to know that person. Do not offer to shake hands with a Malaysian woman if you do not know her.
  • Never ever, talk about Malaysian politics and ethnic relations. Both of them are very sensitive subjects for the people of Labuan and will only invite trouble.
  • Do not kiss or hug your partner while being at a public place. It is okay in places like Kuala Lumpur but not in Labuan.
  • Never ever, tell any local that he or she belongs to Sabah. The inhabitants of Labuan, especially the young people are very proud of the Federal Territory of Malaysia status of Labuan. Labuan has its own anthem and flag and so it is not a part of Sabah anymore according to the Labuan agreement of 1984.



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