Labuan has many places to interest ranging from the beautiful beaches to the exemplary example of modern architecture known as the International Financial Centre. There is a lot of variety and you will find quiet villages along with some relics from the ancient world.

The top five sights are listed below:

  • International Financial Centre
  • World War 2 Sites
  • The Chimney
  • The Beaches
  • Kampung Air (Water Village)
  • Labuan Square

International Financial Centre

The most popular attraction of Labuan is most definitely the International Financial Centre. It is the newest financial centre of Asia and houses as many as 65 foreign banks. They provide facilities like numbered accounts to many of the world’s most famous people.

World War 2 Sites

The Allied Landing point, the Japanese Surrender Park and the Labuan War Cemetery are the main World War 2 relics in Labuan. All of the three attractions draw a large number of locals as well as tourists. Every year, a Remembrance Day is held at the Labuan War Cemetery to honor the graves of the brave soldiers of the war. The day is usually held in the month of November and is attended by war veterans of both Malaysia and abroad.

The Chimney

The chimney is a remembrance of the glorious coal mining past of Labuan. The Chimney is actually a stack made of red bricks and is almost 106 feet in terms of height. It is locally known as the “Punil” and is the only coal mining artifact of Labuan. In spite of its popularity, nobody seems to know why the chimney was built and what purpose it served for the coal mining companies. However, it is a great sight to look at and entry is completely free.

The Beaches

Labuan has some beautiful beaches scattered all around the island. It is not known as the Pearl of the South China Sea for nothing! The most popular beaches are the Layang-layangan, the Pancur Hitam and the Batu Manikar. The names are difficult to pronounce but the natural beauty of the beaches is equally captivating and enthralling at the same time. These beaches have the distinction of winning the COBSEA clean Beach award from the UNESCO in the year 2008. They are great places for just spending a lazy day or for having a picnic.

Kampung Air (Water Village)

This is an interesting place at Labuan and consists of a number of shops, mosques and houses around the waterfront. You do not need to get on a boat for going to the Water Village as it is well connected by roads. Parking space is available at the entry for a fee. The villagers are quite friendly and you will never be harassed by anyone while taking pictures or just walking around the peaceful and quaint village. There are two options for exploring the village- concrete walkways and a wooden bridge.

Labuan Square

This is a parade ground with vast stretches of green fields and beautiful landscape. All the major festivals, like the Federal Territory Day, the National Day and even the New Year’s Day are celebrated on this ground. A new shopping mall known as the Labuan Times Square is currently being built right next to the grounds.

Other Rare Attractions of Labuan Malaysia

Labuan, Malaysia is a great place to travel and look around if visitors or tourists are on a family vacation or a family trip. Here is a list of a few places to visit when in Labuan, Malaysia:-

War Memorial Park

The place is close to the Tiara Labuan hotel. It is a great environment that is clean and tidy. It is just a 15 to 20 minutes walk towards the sunset. It is clean and green. All the graves for war heroes are buried here in the park. Most of it is funded by the common wealth and dedicated to the Australian armed forces. It is a great place for first time visitors since it is a great historical monument. Most of the remains are from the World War 2. The war memorial park is close to the Victoria Park that is 3.2 kms away from Victoria. Close to 4000, unmarked graves are buried here in this place. The Labuan memorial is located within the war cemetery that accounts to more than 2225 soldiers including officers from the Australian army, the Royal Australian air force, and Northern Borneo local forces of Brunei, Northern Borneo, and Sarawak.

Sea Life Center and Beaches

This tax-free island has been opened to all the tourists from all over the world. Alcohol and cigarettes are cheap here. There are lots of Duty Free shops on the island.

Labuan Bird Park

It is a beautiful landscape garden with various paths for walking within the park. There are dome shaped cages where all the birds live. It is a great opportunity for tourists and visitors to see Borneo birds. This sanctuary is open from 10am to 5 pm on a daily basis. One can enjoy bird shows and feed birds from 11am to 11:30am. Entrance fees would cost Rp 3 for adults and Rp 1 for children.

Labuan Clock Tower

This clock tower is a resemblance and acts as a replica of the original clock built in 1906. This tower is one of the monuments that were built in the period of WWII. A few other structures are the Papan island and Kurman Island lighthouses, the chimney and the hospital.

Marine Museum

This is a major wing in the Labuan International Water Sports Complex. There are a total of 16 galleries in the water museum that mostly has a marine life objects and description about Labuan and Borneo. Other attractions include marine biology center, sea sports center, various restaurants and other shops. The place is mostly a theme of ocean life. One can visit the marine life and watch it for free of charge. See a wide range of reptiles, zooplanktons, fish, seal corals, snails, sea plants and sea weeds. There are a lot of old artifacts to see including various shipwrecks. There is an exhibition of charts, posters, models, and graphics. Admissions are free of charges. The aquarium is open daily from 9am to 6pm.


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