Top activities to do in Labuan, Malaysia

Duty-Free Shopping

The primary and the most favorite activity of any tourist in Labuan is the duty-free shopping! The island is actually known as duty-free shopping paradise amongst many travelers. You can shop for a variety of imported and local items from the various markets and malls. The best time for visiting the island and also for shopping is during the months of November and December. The island celebrates a shopping carnival during this time and all items are sold at the cheapest prices possible. You can take your pick from the various imported wines, some fine cigars, cosmetics, jewelry and footwear.

Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is one of the biggest activities of Labuan and you will find statues of Sailfish scattered all around the place. Labuan is already well known for the diving opportunities it offers to tourists, but very few people are aware of the sport fishing. This activity goes on throughout the year and people participate for catching prizes like a mackerel, a tuna, a sailfish or a marlin. The best place to go for fishing is the Mangrove forests around the Barramundi region. Along with lots of fishes, you will also find a lot of coral reefs there.

Tasting the best of Labuan

Another major activity is to try out the various delicious food items at the various restaurants and hotels. The best thing about eating out at Labuan is that all the dishes are priced low and you can get them for even cheaper prices if you manage to get a local guide for yourself. A must-try is the famous dessert of Coconut Pudding. It is available at any other place in Malaysia and you can devour the best version of the dessert at the Pulau Labuan Restaurant. The mouth-0watering dessert comes at a price of just RM 6. Another favorite is the BBQ chicken wings. Like the pudding, these also come for just RM 6. You will get as many as 6 chicken wings at that price and the best one can be found at the roadside stall of Kampung Sungau Keiling.

Walking along the waterfront and visiting the Marine Museum

You will love this if you happen to love walking. There are many ferries going to places in both Borneo and Malaysia from there. The Marine Museum is located near the waterfront and it has as many as sixteen galleries showcasing the marine life of Labuan. The galleries describe the start of Labuan as a kingdom, the history of marine life around the island, the coral reef habitat, the fishing activities and the seashore habitat.  One of the greatest rooms of the museum is the one, which is dedicated towards children. There are also several other live marine life on display like sea corals, fish, moluses, snails, sea plants, zoo planktons and reptiles.

Wreck Diving

As mentioned above, Labuan is famous for its diving activities. The island boasts of diving sites with names like the American Wreck, the Australian Wreck, the Blue Water Wreck and the Cement Wreck. The American Wreck was capsized while the World War 2 was going on and has a sad and tragic past. The diving to the wreck is complete with intact artifacts like depth chargers, bullet clips, canon artifacts and wire bottles. The Australian Wreck offers the eerie remains of a ship along with less than 10 meters of visibility.


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